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I usually don't write e-mails like this but I feel in this case I have to. There are so many stories about shady dog breeders that this Lady needs to be commended for her passion in Life, which is a Breeder of German Shepherd dogs. Since my last GSD passed away a number of years ago my wife and I have been looking around for an other dog and I was determined not to buy a puppy as they are usually unruly and to much to handle for my two Grandchildren, six and eight years old. I talked to many people who had puppies or older dogs for Sale but I just did not get that good feeling until my wife, at 2am. one morning was on the internet and found an ad from Rowena Dunlop at Sigfield German Shepherds. All it said was one Male and one Female Puppy left, Crate trained and started on Leash. Rowena also told me on the phone that her dogs were o.k. with kids.

There was also a pictures of the two Puppies and my wife insisted that either the Female by the name of Mandy and that no other dog would do.

We took the Drive to the kennel on Saturday afternoon to see the pup, I had two worries, one was that the picture was rigged and the other that the Breeder would not like us and not sell us the dog.

The Kennel of Mrs. Rowena Dunlop may not be what some people call State of the art but when you meet the dogs from this Kennel you know that you get what you are paying for and then some, I believe that there are not to many Breeders who do it with the same passion then this Lady and what she charges for the puppies can not even compensate for the work, the love and the energy this Breeder puts into her Kennel. We purchased Mandy and we could not have picked a better dog for three times the money we paid.

My Grandchildren adore the new puppy as she is calm and gentle, housetrained, crate trained and has manners better then some older dogs I have seen. This puppy has captured the heart of everybody in the family and from what I have seen all the dogs from this Kennel are well behaved and I would not hesitate for a minute to leave my Grandchildren unattended with this four month old beauty. I'm by no means an expert on German Shepherds but I know that this Kennel breeds champion dogs for families and that you get the traits of what makes this breed so special to me, a big heart, loyalty, desire to please the owner, and a stunning beauty, in my opinion unmatched in any other Breed.

Rowena, thank you for giving us the pleasure to share our home and our live with Mandy, we will cherish her always and she will forever be part of us just like anybody else in our family. If anybody will ask me about a GSD Breeder and where we got our little girl from, I will tell them with pride that she came from SIGFIELD GERMAN SHEPHERD KENNELS.

I will send pictures soon and again our thanks for entrusting us with the care for this little Jewel, if you are ever in our area you must come and see us.


Henry and Silvia Zimperfeld and Family



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