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We have been breeding German Shepherds since 1993.  We are committed to the overall health and soundness of our dogs.  We selectively breed to working German bloodlines; paying particular attention to the health and soundness of each dog.

I would like to pay special tribute to Sigbert Trescas (Siggy).  It was because of him that we decided to become breeders.    He was a large, black and red boy; a calm, cool and collected character.

He was tested for police work, and after evaluating him, the officer said that he would usually test one hundred dogs to find one like Siggy. 

Unfortunately, we lost him far too soon, at the age of four.  Thank you Ziggy, for showing us how good a dog can be, and for the privilege of the time spent with you.

Up until 2006, we had four generations of Sigfield dogs living with us.  We would like to pay tribute to our recently deceased foundation bitch, Kenya Trescas 'Kenya' (June 6/06).  She was a dear and loyal friend, and we shall miss her.  Thank you Kenya for all the love you gave us.

I would also like to thank Helma Fiut and Denis Rzan of Triglars kennels, without whose help and guidance our kennel would not be what it is today.
Thank you for entrusting me with my beautiful "Dare", and my very lively "Shrek".

I would also like to thank my veterinarian, Dr. Sue Martin of North Lanark Veterinary Clinic, for her wonderful care, encouragement and support.  She and her staff have been wonderful.  Thank you Sue.



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